GearWorks Products

Our very own gears, made right here in the USA from AMS 6265 steel, from the very top shelf of the 9310 super store. GearWorks gear sets go from forged rings and round pinion blanks to the finished product and in the box under one roof. All teeth are fully formed by grinding, carburized, shot peened and then super-finished using the Genuine REM finishing system. GearWorks gears are not another “me too” re-boxed gear set, they are made exclusively for us, designed specifically for the rigors of off road racing at the highest level, a from scratch new design. In short, we believe you just can’t make better gear, but we will never stop trying.

GearWorks 36 spline spool $478.42

The GearWorks 36 spline spool is created from a dedicated forging of 4140 premium steel. It is simply stronger than any other 4” spool for off road racing with no weight penalty. We have never seen a failed one.

GearWorks 36 spline spool $478.42

The GearWorks 36 spline spool was designed to address several problems encountered with other manufacture’s spools.

First and foremost was the issue of breakage of the bearing journals due inadequate material thickness on other 4 inch bearing type spools. Years of practical experience told us that the 2.562” 40 spline axles were more than strong enough; we decided to size it down four splines to 2.375” 36 spline.

Second was the required modification of an already very expensive carrier bearing, our 36 spline spool uses the Timken L713049 just as it comes out of the box.

Third, some spools center the axle in the center of the spool, this is usually the thinnest section in a spool and most prone to failure, in our spools the axles are centered at the ring gear mounting plane, the strongest part of the spool.

GearWorks pinion support

The GearWorks pinion support is made from 2024 T-351 billet round and is now deep hard anodized black. Unlike most pinion supports that are really designed for drag racing, ours has a lubrication passage for the front bearing resulting in a substantial reduction in bearing temperature in endurance type racing.

36 spline drive plates

GearWorks keeps in stock 36 spline drive plates for most common hubs (SPD, ID Designs, Geiser, Jimco Porter) etc, with wheel stud patterns 6X6.5”, 5X5.5 and 10X5.5”

GearWorks axles

GearWorks axles are in a league of their own. At only 0.54 pounds per inch they are by far the lightest reliable Trophy Truck axle available. How do we pull that off? We start with a solid round of US made 300M 3” bar, gun drill it big and run the O.D. down just right, heat treat them and then shot peen them inside and out. There is even a threaded press in aluminum plug to aid in removal of the shaft, we were truck prep guys too you know!

Final drive components

Trophy Truck final drive components.

GearWorks 4 inch bearing bore case assembly

The GearWorks 4 inch bearing bore case assembly is another GearWorks improved product. It features 4 inch carrier bearing capacity, to support 2.375” 36 spline or 2.562” 40 spline spools. Additionally it has a load bearing bolt to back up the ring gear in the event of case or gear deflection under severe use to insure the gear set maintains correct running geometry in trying times.

GearWorks 4” case assembly

The GearWorks 4” case assembly uses an industry standard (not automotive) longer pinion pocket bearing for additional pinion support with a bearing retainer plate secured with three countersunk socket head cap screws. In a pinch you can use the standard 9” Ford pocket bearing and press in retainer.


To guard against deflection, spanner nut ejection and subsequent gear failure the main bearing caps and spanner nuts are made from chromoly steel as opposed to aluminum. The case is CNC machined to clear a ring gear with a true outer diameter of 9.500” Unseen are two set screws at the 3 and 9 O’clock position usable to jack the case assembly out of the axle housing should it be stuck, and four of the five pinion support bolt holes are drilled and tapped blind to avoid sealing issues when a pinion support mounted skid plate is used. We also have iron cases with 3.812” and 3.25” bore, with all the above features.

Strange Engineering pinion yoke

The Strange Engineering pinion yoke is forged from chromoly. Shown is with a pinion seal lip protector welded in place by us for off road use.

2” 45 spline Ultra Light drive package

This 2” 45 spline Ultra Light drive package was created for Pro2 and Pro4 Short Course off road racing. It’s almost hard to imagine a reliable 2” 45 spline axles at a mere .36 pounds per inch axle length with a drive plate and cap assembly weighing in at less than 4 pound each. They work, they live and they’re out there, if you don’t have them, you’re racing against them. Compare that to your solid 2” 45 spline axles at about .61 pounds per inch.

Ultra Lite Pro2 / Pro4 cap

There are two major benefits to this spool, the first is a superior axle to spool spline interface compared to an aluminum spool, the second, we are able to lose 4.5” of axle in the middle of the spool, 4.5” of nothing but air, another pound less even with our Ultra Lite axles. If you were wondering about the spiro-lox on the drive plate end of the axles in the previous picture, now you know.

ProLite 1¾” 40 spline final drive system

The ProLite 1¾” 40 spline final drive system was designed specifically for the ProLite 4cylinder class. Taking the Pro 2/4 axle family design a step further, the axle weight comes down to only .23 lb per inch! That’ right, a 28 inch axle that weighs in at only 6.4 pounds. These have been in use in several of the fastest ProLite trucks on the circuit since 2008 with an average service life of more than one full season on a set without failure. Combined with a drive plate and cap assembly at only 3 pounds each, a hollow steel spool, and an investment cast steel case assembly, you will gain reliability with nothing to lose but the weight!